Legislative Overview

Legislator Job Description

The Idaho State Legislature is what is known as a "citizen's legislature".  The Legislature meets in session beginning in January with the session typically running until late March or early April.  Because of the "part-time" nature of the position, most legislators have other careers that they work at when not in session.

Keough's Committees

Senator Keough serves on the following committees:

Chairman of Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee (JFAC)

Senator Keough serves on this committee as the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. This committee is responsible for setting the budget for the state government. For more information on this committee click on this link: http://legislature.idaho.gov/budget/index.htm

Senate Transportation Committee

Senator Keough is the senior member of this committee.

Economic Outlook and Revenue Assessment Committee – Senator Keough was appointed by Senate Leadership to this committee.

The Committee’s mission is to: (1) make an overall assessment of Idaho’s economy by providing a forum for expert testimony from economists, business leaders, and industry spokesmen regarding the status of Idaho’s current economy and the economic outlook for the next eighteen months; and (2) review the Governor’s most recent fiscal years General Fund revenue projections and provide advice to the Legislature regarding the total estimated revenues expected to be available for appropriation. More information on this important committee and its work can be found at this link:

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